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1. Sign the Families Restoring Educational Emancipation proclamation upholding the "inalienable right of families to educate their children FREE from government control".

2. Take an active stand against any legislation that would perpetuate the interference of the state with the sacred right of parents to direct the education of their children.  Read Steven Winters' open letter appeal to Senator George Winner, sponsor of NY Senate Bill S3641-A.

Read Paul Matte's letter to Assemblyman Steven Sanders, chairman of the Assembly Education Committee (06/09/2003). (pdf)

Presently NY Senate bill S2060 and companion Assembly bill A4598 are two such bills.  Contact your legislators to express your opposition to these bills.

3. Support the introduction and passing of the following amendment to the education law.  This model law would effectively eliminate government oversight of non-public education..

Section 1 of Section 3205 of Part I of Article 65 of the education law 
is amended to add an exception for a minor whose educational instruction
is provided by a parent or legal guardian as follows: 

2. Exceptions. 

d. A minor whose educational instruction is otherwise provided by a parent 
or legal guardian or other person(s) designated by the parent or legal 
guardian shall not be subject to the provisions of part one of this article. 
No rule or regulation of the Commissioner of Education, State Education 
Department, Board of Regents, local school district or any other government 
officer shall interfere directly or by implication with this instruction. 

Section 2. This act shall take effect immediately. 

4. Support the following draft re-write (by Paul Matte) of NY Senator Robach's bill S6094 to eliminate discriminatory college financial aid and matriculation policies for students educated at other than public schools.

 o  Email from Paul Matte to Senator Robach on 05-11-2004
 o  Improving S6094 by Paul Matte (pdf)