From: Paul Matte 
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 1:08 PM
Subject: Expanding S6094 College Entrance Requirements for All Individuals

Greetings Paula,

This is the rewrite of S6094 that we discussed yesterday.  As a New York Constitutional Researcher and "Pioneer" Home Educator (1978-1990) I believe that the implications of unintended discrimination and hardship have been fully addressed in this rewrite. Let me know if you have a problem with the attachment and I will fax it to you.

Also you will note that the original bill references: Section 312 - Filed papers and copies thereof.  Upon examination it is my determination that the desired reference is Section: 313 - Unfair educational practices. 

Please forward this Senator Robach. It is not perfect and may contain an error or so please feel free to ask for clarification. 

I reside in Lima and am available to meet with the Senator to further discuss this proposed rewrite as well as changes in other law as it relates to parental rights in education. If needed I will travel to Albany to assist or testify.

Having provided for our daughters' education without regulation, my wife and I are certain that New York State's limited resources need to be focused on those children whose parents have required the social educational services as stipulated in the New York Constitution.

It was myself and other Home Educators who initiated the regulatory relief that has now resulted in S2060 (though it needs much improvement in and of itself).

Additionally I served on the LEAH board for ten years (1992-2001) as Legislative Liaison, Rochester Finger Lakes Regional Representative (1992-1995) and President (1995-2001).

In service to the King,

Paul S. Matte
Lima, NY